From Reconciliation to Mastery By Jennifer Hoffman

I (Alison) loved this article. Jennifer has a really cool website and tons of positive and instructive information to help you along on your path to wholeness and self-awareness. Thanks Arianne for sharing Jennifer’s unique and valuable insight with me.

“Although we are aware of the nature of the relationships that we have in this lifetime, they have actually persisted through eons of time. They all follow the same path, share emotional patterns, and have identical lessons and a common purpose, to transform the energy around them from fear to unconditional love. Reconciliation’s purpose is to restore us to wholeness and mastery, to bring us back to our power. It gives us the opportunity to recognize how we create our suffering through our own actions, beliefs and thoughts, specifically those that arise from our belief in separation and powerlessness.”

“When we interpret reconciliation to mean that we must make friends with our tormenter, show the same people what it is like to be hurt, abandoned, betrayed, lost, and traumatized and hope that they will not do it the next time, we are like the frog in the fable, expecting the scorpion to act like something other than a scorpion. Using reconciliation to resolve karma through others weakens its purpose. All we do is continue the story of our karma when our mastery journey is about finding our power.”

“Every emotional, psychic and physical trauma retains a portion of our energy. Over time, much of our power becomes invested in trauma, slowing our ascension. While we place the burden of reconciliation on others, its purpose is to help us with our need to reconcile with ourselves. It is our chance to see where we have given our power to others, hoping they will love and honor us. Reconciliation is a powerful way for us to reconcile with ourselves, becoming powerful enough to acknowledge forgiveness as the key to wholeness and mastery. “

“Reconciliation is a bridge between the past and the present that we cross when we are ready to release ourselves from the belief that we are unworthy, unloved and imperfect. By accepting ourselves as powerful, limitless beings, we have healing with our karma, retrieve the energy held in our soul wounds and create a wellspring of self love that others can mirror back to us in the form of the loving, joyful relationships that our heart and soul craves.”

“Jennifer created the Uriel Heals website and weekly newsletter in 2003, after receiving a visit from the Archangel Uriel when she was asked to begin channeling messages and since that time has grown to a large global audience… , becoming a spiritually focused community with thousands of participants. Her writings have been described as powerfully transformational, healing and exceptionally insightful …,…teaching in seminars and workshops on topics that include ascension, miracles, karmic healing, soul mates and many more. “

From: Uriel

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