Reiki: Just what is Reiki anyway?

The word Reiki is a Japanese kanji for Rei or Universal; “meaning it is present everywhere, more accurately, a higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness.Ki or life-force energy, is “the non-physical energy that animates all living things”, similar to Chinese; Chi, in Sanskrit; Prana, and the Hawaiian, Ki or Ti. Ki is also the “primary energy expression of our emotions, thoughts and spiritual life.” It flows throughout our body, mind and Spirit.

Reiki is a holistic, energy-based modality. There is no manipulation of the skin or tissue. Reiki is not massage. Reiki is a divinely guided intuitive art, therefore your Reiki experience may differ upon each visit. The practitioner will be guided to use whatever is necessary to promote the best healing for each individual and of which will be most beneficial for you during each individual Reiki session. It is for this reason, I encourage you now to relax, let go, and enjoy your personalized journey to well-being in a safe, calm,comfortable place; Your Inner Space

What happens during a Reiki session?

Your Reiki session may begin with a brief discussion of what events have lead you to come for a session, discussing the events and issues that brought you to where you are today.
After the discussion the session may go as follows:

  • Clients remain clothed throughout the entire session
  • Reiki Energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to the client
  • The Practitioner places their hands either on or just above the client’s body, allowing the energy to flow through their body
  • Reiki will adjust to the appropriate level for each individual
  • Clients often experience temperature sensations and/or tingling sensations from the practitioner’s hands
  • The client may experience emotional release during the session
  • Clients may experience different sensations in their body
  • Or the client may experience no physical response to the Reiki
  • Each individual client and session may vary and is perfectly attuned for your current state and need at the time
  •  A typical session will last about an hour.

What will Reiki do for me?

The benefits of Reiki have included:

  • relaxation and feelings of calm
  • a greater sense of well-being
  • Reiki is a safe, easy, and natural method of healing and self-empowerment for everyone

Clients have reported feeling:

  • A reduction in pain
  • Improved ease of motion
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced creativity
  • A greater sense of balance in their daily life
  • Reduction in levels of stress, tension & anxiety
  • More relaxed
  • Deeper personal awareness
  • Improved sleep

What to do after a Reiki Session?

  • Drink lots of water, as water helps to eliminate toxins out of the system.
  • Minimize coffee/caffeine drinks as they create an imbalance in the nervous and endocrine systems
  • Limit alcohol use
  • Pay attention to whatever comes up; thoughts, feelings, dreams
  • Keep or start a journal and write down any thoughts and inspiring insights you may receive
  • Meditate, exercise, or go out for a walk. Whatever feels true for you
  • Take time for yourself in a quiet space
  • Practice the 5 Reiki Principles
  • Reflect upon and let go of any negative judgment of thoughts and feelings as they come up. They are there to be released. Give Thanks for the information, ‘Thank that part’, and let it go. Release it up to Source (God, Great Spirit…)
  • Ask Reiki energy for a gentle healing
  • Remember Reiki’s 1st tenet: Reiki does no harm
  • Trust in the process
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