Self Image and Emotional States… by Jack Elias

Finding True Magic Hypno Tips. June 2010 edition

Self Image and Emotional States It is important to have a healthy self image and healthy self regard. “Of course,” you may say, but are you so grounded and alive in healthy self regard that it is easy to handle emotional states and moods? Because that’s what it takes! We often get so involved in our emotional states and moods that we forget who we are, we forget our good qualities.

Someone with healthy self regard easily handles even intense emotional states.Having healthy self regard as a living felt sense is like having a lush garden that you love to tend. Its full of thriving plants that support each other in a symbiotic way.

If a weed sprouts here and there, it’s no big deal. You delight in your garden daily and maintenance is part of the fun! You enjoy learning about the weeds and how they can be dealt with most effectively. It’s a delightful effort because you understand that your efforts to eliminate the weeds serve to strengthen the environment for your plants which you love.

People who do not have a healthy self regard as a living felt sense are easily overcome by emotional states. They have a shriveled and neglected garden with only a few struggling not very healthy plants. Most of the time they only pay attention to the garden if they notice a new weed, and then they are discouraged because the weed makes them notice the unhappy condition of the rest of the neglected garden. The fact is, the weeds get more attention than the beautiful plants!

The gardener with the healthy garden is reminded of his beautiful plants by the site of the weed, while the gardener of the shriveled garden focuses compulsively on the weed, forgetting the plants and their potential to thrive and increase with the right care.

If your garden of self regard falls into the neglected and struggling category, make an effort on a daily basis to appreciate specific things about yourself.

  • Notice and appreciate things you do that are kind to yourself as well as to others.
  • Appreciate the specific ordinary kindness of others, like the grocery clerk bagging your food.
  • Pick a few possessions each day and appreciate how they enhance your life. What would your life be like without them?
  • Appreciate ordinary activities that turn out well like arriving safely on your drive to work. Be thankful for your own good intention and effort to drive safely, and appreciate the same good intention and effort of everyone you passed on the road.   In these ways you begin to see the garden of goodness all around you in the world.
  • When emotional states arise, practice declaring, “Even though I am experiencing this feeling, I love and appreciate myself.” (Or any variation that enlivens your energy. The key is reminding yourself that feelings and moods do not diminish your worth as a being.)

May we all prosper with enhanced compassion and wisdom!

Let’s make a difference together. Good luck.

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