Commit 20 in 20 with Joe Danis and Friends
This is Commit 20! The Commit 20 in 20, 20 day challenge begins 02/02/2020. For more information, join our Private Facebook group Commit 20 in 20 and begin the journey towards a more consistent approach to overall health and wellness that is simple, tangible, and sustainable

Connect, Commit 2020! I’m in… Hope to see you all there! I’ve got 2 down! First thing in the morning 🌄.
Its more of the focused intention of the Moving & Grooving part that needs to be added back into my life…

BTW: Joe is a Healer on a Global scale ( although he would probably not call himself that, so I will). Check out his other website and passion UNUM

Joe leads by listening & sharing what he has learned… not by ‘telling’. And then Joe ( along with an equally dedicated assembled group of Kindred Spirits), puts what he has learned into ACTION.
Joe personifies💞💕 ‘BE THE CHANGE’!!! He truly leads by example, Knowledge through Experience, AND HEART.

A commitment in body, mind & spirit to healthy personal growth, does have a powerful influence and impact within the fabric of our Collective Community; both positive healthy changes or less than healthy choices along the Road leave their mark.
We’ve all had terrible, awful, gut-wrenching, ‘ WTF AM I DOING?!?’ days.
When we push through and Rise Above; from within this Evolution of our Soul comes a Gift, we GET TO hold space for others; we GET TO shine a Light that will help Others find THEIR most empowered and loved/loving Selves in a safe space, with Empathy, Compassion, LOVE and Commitment… 😘🕊 it’s a circle…. It all comes back 10 fold … Be The Change. 2020 Onwards And Upwards oxox Alison

Thank you Joe💗 YOU ROCK!

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