I AM the Storm …. Life Lessons, 1


Just came back from Hana, HI, USA after attending a 3 week training with William Lee Rand from the International Centre for Reiki Training ( ) . I went to retake my Levels l &ll, Holy Fire ll Reiki Master (A.R.T.) , and Karuna Reiki Master Certification with William. What an amazing experience.

This is a blog post I wrote a few years back, and although I am now 50, it still resonates today. We have been updating our website and I intend to share more in the blog in the near future… so stay tuned… Loads of Love, Always Alison

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”


I was talking to Ariane, my dearest friend and colleague, the other night and we were discussing our individual journeys to Now.

For both of us, the journey to Here and Now has not been along a clearly marked, easily navigated or well travelled path. It’s been fraught with many bumps & breaks (-ups), bruises & scrapes. There have been many long, (and I mean Lloooonnngg!! LOL) lonely stretches; quiet times for introspection. These “quiet times” have been one of my greatest and most challenging teachers.

On more than one occasion, we’ve been brought down to our knees as we seek answers, only to be lifted up again in a dance of delight by God’s sweet kiss of Grace. There have been many nights and days filled with tears of profound sadness and fiery rage….Of absolute ecstasy (ah,…not the drug…grin;), wonder and hope.Our paths have led us through some very deep, dark valleys. And we’ve ventured upon wondrous, hope-filled clearings. A place to rest our weary bodies and souls, to restore our energies, reestablish our footing and adjust to a renewed sense of self. All the while, integrating new insights gained from the trials and triumphs that we’ve met along the way. It was all to reawaken and remind us of our connection to the Divine Spirit within and our“interconnectedness” with all Beings.

I AM the Storm
photo credit and used w/ permission Image by Eden James Images Copyright 2018

Although we both have been on very different, yet in many ways parallel journeys, we somehow ended up on the same spot on the map, my sister-friend and I. Our individual journey’s onward and upward to the peak for a better view of what was left behind, has also allowed for us a place to focus on where we are headed.

I’ve heard it said that the journey has been a choice. We made the choice to be Here, Now, in this incarnation as 40-ish year old women before “We” were born. It was a Soul decision. Something about things we needed to learn as a spiritual being for our progression to enlightenment, for our spiritual development, one might say.

You know, Life Lessons………

see my Blog for part 2-5 coming soon. AJ:)

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