Pranic Healing

Source: Pranic Healing

Live Your Best Day
Live your BEST day everyday! I wake up and smile (try it, even if it doesn’t feel ‘natural’ 😉 ), breathe deep (belly breath), give thanks for the blessings to come… and live my best day, everyday. I AM the Architect of My Reality. Love to you, Always Alison (aka. Fabulous to Orion, my EXUBERANT Grandson pictured) oxo

“To create reality, focus beyond the outcome, as if it has already happened.”
“Ancient spiritual traditions remind us that in each moment of the day, we make the choices that either affirm or deny our lives. Every second we choose to nourish ourselves in a way that supports or depletes our lives; to breathe deep and life-affirming breaths or shallow, life-denying ones; and to think and speak about other people in a manner that is honoring or dishonoring.”
 Gregg Braden
All you need is love…
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